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Top Event Planning Strategies For Associations

Organizing association events like conferences is a real feat. Most organizations today use event technologies to automate these processes. Other organizations hire competent AMCs like AFAMCO to manage events for them so they can focus on other essential tasks.

You likely rely on Association Management Companies and their event management tools. Therefore, it's always in your best interest to evaluate, improve and tailor your events to your association's needs. These five recommendations from AFAMCO will help you attract members to your events and get renewals and new memberships.

1. Create Events According To The Needs Of The Members

Members of your association are more likely to attend events they find helpful. Check your membership database for support. A constituent relationship management (CRM) solution is another name for a membership database. It is ideal for managing members' accounts, interests, and past interactions.

It's also in your best interest to ensure that the correct member data is available through the CRM. Therefore, consider connecting your AMS (association management software) to the CRM. Some AMS platforms even integrate directly with popular CRM platforms. It eliminates data procedures, giving your CRM complete access to all data.

Take it a step further and find an AMS solution that integrates with your CRM to help you with event planning. This way, you can create member profiles that include event analytics. Organize your upcoming activities based on reliable and accurate information. Use the CRM to determine the events that mostly attract most of your members. Above all, ensure member data is secure.

2. Invite Members To Complete The Online Registration Form

The overall success of an event depends on the number of participants, which in turn depends on registration. Make sure the registration process for your event is user-friendly. Realize that more people will likely start and complete your registration form. Provide an online event registration form using these methods to get the best results;

a) Create A Separate Area For The Registration Form

Integrate your registration form with your current portal or event website. It makes it easy for your members to access without going through a third-party website.

b) Offer Multiple Pricing Categories

Your organization likely has multiple tiers of membership. With a tiered structure, you can offer numerous discounts. You can also use incentives such as early bird offers to reward your most active members.

c) Ensure All Important Papers Are In Place

Do you need waivers or other paperwork for your upcoming event? The paperwork will inform your attendees about arrangements, reservations, and venues, among other things. They also help you verify who has registered and when. With a streamlined registration process, your attendance will soar.

3. Create A Marketing Plan To Draw Attendees

Your event should attract attendees. Focus your promotional strategy on improving SEO (search engine optimization). Take the following steps to get your association members to sign up:

a) Create An Event Page Or Microsite

Include your registration form in this area. You can also include information about the event, such as a theme, schedule, and guests.

b) Ensure Your Website Is Mobile-Friendly

Take note of all the attendees' segments who want to participate in your event. Statistics show that mobile devices account for 48% of all online page views worldwide, about half of the readership.

c) Provide A Link On Social Media Platforms And Email Lists

Your association's members know your social media presence and regular email communications. Feel free to make an announcement and pique their curiosity.

4. Personalize Interactions with event attendees

You should always interact with members and provide them with useful information. Personalizing your interactions is wonderful because everyone likes to stand out. At the very least, make sure you include names. Fortunately, modern interaction tools allow you to easily automate this part of managing association events by integrating your AMS with a CRM.

In addition, sending emails is still a popular and reliable marketing channel. Today, 99% of customers open their emails at least once daily. Consider personalizing your emails using your CRM to include member identities, subscription details, and payment details, to name a few. In addition, you can segment your subscribers to send them tailored messages. No wonder it's important to monitor members' activities and categorize them using CRM analytics.

5. Collect Information For Future Enhancements

Once you have established a solid foundation with a reliable CRM and AMS system, use the previous events' data to improve your upcoming developments. Ensure your AMS can handle the following tasks;

a) Use The Mobile Event App To Automate Live Surveys

Some AMSs provide attendees with a mobile application. Measuring member engagement in real-time, including all event activities, is important.

b) Automate Post-Event Surveys

When attendees log-off, send them an email with your post-event survey. It's best to ask them to go online and complete the survey. They will submit their comments while they are still thinking.

c) Create Reports With CRM Inful to synchronize your event technologies, AMS and CRM. Put together detailed reports that summarize different aspects of your activities. Configurable tracking allows you to select the data that is important to you. It helps you identify the operations that need improvements.

From planning to execution, organizing association activities for your members can be stressful. While good AMS software eases the management of association event planning, it is in your best interest to work with an experienced African association management company like AFAMCO.

At AFAMCO, we know how much your organization values its members. We also know the best software options for you and how to make your event run as smoothly as possible. We can help you if you have an issue with inconsistent membership or other parts of association management, such as accounting or event marketing. Want to learn more about our custom solutions? Please visit our website at to discover more about us. Better yet, call us at +254722 376224, and we will address your concerns.

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